Anastasia  Beverley Hills backlash

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one the most talked about premium makeup brands. They are known for revolutionizing the eyebrow game and overall eye makeup market. A brand technique they are known for using is influencer collaborations. Anastasia Beverley Hills have worked with a plethora of youtubes finest beauty gurus to give the ‘girls’ eye pallets for every occasion. As of late I have noticed a shift in the rate in which ABH launch new products. Where a few years ago it would be an event, it has now become frequent weekly product launches. Why are they churning out products at such a rate, that it’s almost irrelevant within days of launch?

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Turning point

The Jackie aina pallet was the moment I noticed a turning point within the brands launch schedule. I was aware of the Jackie aina pallet prior to launch due to the info leaking early online. However the reveal was still epic and many people thought it was well deserved for youtuber OG Jackie Aina. Unfortunately the hype of her pallet was short lived, as a trio of Norvina pallets were already hot on its heels. The Norvina pallets were literally one after the other with no time to breath. And then came the Carli Bybel pallet shortly after.

Trouble In paradise?

In 2018 ABH accepted an investor reportedly worth 2 billion. I wonder could the reason behind the constant product pushes be due to money woes?Investors will undoubtedly want a return on their investment. If they feel the company finances are wavering they will apply pressure to see a return. Perhaps ABH are pressured to increase releases in order to satisfy their investors. The new investors may have a minimum requirement per month of new releases, which could explain the close releases.

Another theory floating around is that ABH have been acquired by a large corporation. Meaning they would have to release everything as quickly as possible, in order to generate as  much profit as they can.

The future for Anastasia Beverley hills

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If ABH sell Norvina may still retain a form of creative control through the Norvina line. Or Norvina may takeover the company entirely if her mother Retires, She seems to have taken on more of an active role this year. It’s also likely a known Brad such as Estee Lauder could buy ABH for their portfolio.

Anastasia Beverley Hills