Foundation can be cakey if applied incorrectly. The key to a flawless base is to start with freshly cleansed skin. Then after cleansing apply a base primer. Primer is for pores what poly filler is for walls! Once you smooth your pores and fine lines you can proceed with foundation. Choosing the right foundation can be tricky. Being off a few shades isn’t necessarily a big deal, as concealer brings it all together.

Types of foundations

There’re two main types. The first is light to medium coverage. This level of coverage is perfect for incredibly hot weather. It’s also great for those of us blessed with already flawless skin. Medium coverage can be built up, but that will result in many layers. The second type is full coverage. Perfect for hiding imperfections, full coverage covers flaws on first application. You can even buy foundations that cover tattoos!

Foundation favourites

L’Oreal True Match Foundation


Very popular and known for its extensive shade range. True Match ticks all boxes! Although it’s light weight, it also provides full coverage. This is a great high street product with an affordable price point. Personally speaking true match is very similar to Nars radiance foundation. The results of this product is a dewy glowy look. Suitable for everyday wear. Probably best to use a powder if you have Oily skin.

Maybelline SuperStay 24hr


This is a quality product which gives 24hr longwear full coverage. It’s an amazing product which saves time having to touch up throughout the day. The highly pigmented formula delivers flawless results. Brilliant for combination skin.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation


Another affordable product from Maybelline. Many people probably had dream matt mouse as their first beauty buy. Dream Satin Liquid is a lot less messy as it is packaged in a glass bottle with pump.