Horror movie top 10 list

Horror Movie Top 10

Looking to be scared witless? Well you’re in luck because I’ve gathered together all the best horror films for you to enjoy. Everyone has a personal opinion on what makes a good horror movie, and some are more prone to jump scares as others. Obviously this is not a definitive list, but all deserve a watch.


1. Hereditary horror movie

All the elements for a chilling tale of horror and peril. The lead character consumed with grief tries to out run her gruesome destiny. Hereditary blurs the lines between real and super natural realities, delving into a terrifying world of the occult.

Horror movie

2. The conjuring 2

Based on the supposedly real 1977 Enfield haunting paranormal investigations. The film centres around single mother Peggy and her four children, one of which is experiencing strange behaviour. With the help of real-life Ghostbusters Ed and Loraine, a exorcism of sorts ensues. Jump scares galore with this long tale of family meets poltergeist.

3. The exorcist

Possessed girl meets priest, priest meets nightmare. Truly as terrifying now as it was when first released.

4. Insidious

A typical all American family are pestered in their new ideal home by paranormal apparitions and tricky poltergeist. They move, but those annoying apparitions follow. Director James Wan and writer-actor Leigh Whannell creators of Saw, have struck gold again with this terrifying franchise. Good for jump scares

5. The strangers

suspense-horror consisting of quiet chills and consistent terror. If you’ve seen vacancy and funny games, the formula of this film will be nothing new to you. A couple on a secluded romantic getaway are interrupted by well…..strangers. The slow build up leads to fast paced terrifying finale.

6. Winchester

A skeptic visits a haunted house on the premise of debunking the spooky goings on. However, its soon revealed the earie house is in fact haunted and holds many terrible secrets within. If you’ve seen lady in black, you will enjoy this film drawing on a classic horror house clichés.

7. Paranormal activity

Wanna stay awake at night wondering what those creaking noises are? Then this is the film for you. A franchise surrounding a fictional family hiding dark generational secrets. You won’t get the full picture watching the first instalment of this franchise, but you will be left suitably scared.

8. Psycho

Hitchcock Halloween classic. It’s filmed black and white but not out of place among modern classics. The famous Bernard Herrmann soundtrack lends to one of the most recreated scenes in cinematic history. Suspenseful and frightening.

9. Ouija

The tried and tested formula of teens dabbling in a Ouija board game. Nothing new in this film, however it is still one to watch. The film has plenty of spooky moments that will leave you watching through your fingers.

10. The shining

Another old classic following a horror formula that has been used multiple times. A writer takes his family to an abandoned hotel to overcome writers block. Unfortunately the hotel holds a dark history and our main character is soon possessed, and wreaking havoc on his in unsuspecting family. Too many iconic scenes to list and definitely I must see.

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