Interview DONTS Top 10 – What not to do in an interview

Top 10 things Not to do during a interview

Interview donts top 10 might be obvious. Finding a job can be a job in itself. Hours are spent searching for the right position, then waiting with anticipation for a reply. And when all the hard work pays off and you bag yourself an interview, what next? Interviews can be tricky I’ve had plenty to know what not to do. A few things to absolutely not do under any circumstance during an interview is listed below. I know they  may seem obvious, but it’s surprising what we let slip while under pressure.


1. Dont Swear

It may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people fall into the swearing trap. The interviewer gets you to let your guard down, and may even swear themselves but don’t under any circumstance swear.

2. Dont Chew gum

Please refrain from chewing gum during a interview. Chewing can be of putting watching someone sat across from you chewing away and smacking their gums. Bin the gum before the interview starts.

3. Dont Lie

Dont lie. A little white lie may seem harmless at the time, but once your interviewer turns detective your lies will unravel. Once the lies have been undone your left looking un trustworthy, and who wants an employee that can’t be trusted? Be honest with your skills and abilities and use your genuine examples of experience.

4. Dont Dress inappropriately

Dress for success ! The saying is true ,’When you look good you feel good. So ensure your clothes are freshly washed , ironed and presentable. Even if the company have a casual vibe, always dress corporate for the interview. I always prepare my interview outfit the night before.

5. Dont Be late

Interview DONT be late. Your late for an interview you may end up giving the impression you’ll be late if you got the job. In work punctuality is very important, so if you are late apologise and follow up after the interview with an email. You should contact your interviewer ahead of time if you know your running late.

6. Dont Bad mouth your previous employer

It may seem tempting to slag off a previous employer when your asked the question ‘why did you leave your last position? But you must remain professional. It isn’t pleasant to hear negativity during an interview. Speak of your previous employer in a positive way.

7. Dont Leave phone on loud

Leaving your phone on loud can leave you looking unprepared for your interview. Everyone knows to turn their phones of or on silent when at the cinema, interviews are no different. I switch it to silent and put it away.

8. Dont Focus on the money

By all means talk salary, but don’t make it your only focus point. I would also approach the topic of money towards the end of the interview. Same goes for discussing sick leave pay.

9. Dont Criticise

It’s best to avoid picking faults in a job or company before your hired. If you have opinions on how your prospective job can be improved it’s best to make note and approach them once you’ve secured the job.

10. Dont Be sloppy/unkempt

Slouching can give a disinterested and arrogant look. Showing up without the relevant documentation required can also look unprepared and sloppy. Sit upright and remain engaged in the conversation. If your a smoker, ensure you don’t smell of smoke.

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