luxury lifestyle – Get the luxe look for less

luxury lifestyle doesnt have to come with a luxury budget. The key to looking luxe for less is all about bargain hunting. Its also a good idea to go for key pieces that are slightly pricey to transfer a budget outfit. If your interest in getting bougie on a budget read on!

Luxury Holidays

luxury holidays dont come cheap. but you can get some great budget freindly deals if you shop around. Websites such as sky gazer are great at finding the lowest prices available. You might also catch a great bargain if you book last minute, is quite useful in that area. Dubai seems to be the top luxury holliday destination at the moment. A great way to holiday in dubai on a budget is to stay in the old twon accomidation. This way you get to see and explore dubai whilst paying £100 instead of £3000. Also you can use the beaches owned by luxury 5* resorts for free.
booking in adavnce gives you a great advatage to early bird discounts in some instances. Time of travel is also a factor to consider. traveling to a country during its low season might gurantee a better deal.

Fine dining

Many restaurants even luxury ones provide discounted lunch times menus. You can also blag a good deal booking a table on a slow business night. For example Mondays are perfect as less people go out to eat a that time. Try checking out the restaurant website. Often times there are discount codes provided if you sign up to there new letter.

Luxury Clothing

Outlet stores are perfect if you want a desinger name with out the designer price tag. The down size of an outlet is that they are usually out of season stock. A great place for outlet shopping is biecter village. The is a site that offers luxury desiner outfits a discoumnted prices. Tk maxx is worth checking out if you dont mind combing the rails and sifting the through piles of products. As much of a shambles as tk maxx is there are un doubtbly bargains to be had.
Charity shops are great a finding rare vintage luxury pieces. The down side its previously owned and may need a good deep clean before use. The upside of buying second hand is the contribution to sustanability.


If your not into owning lixuring items you might be interested in renting. There are may services for renting designer hanbags, shoes and other items. Its just like renting a car. There is a charge if the item is damged during the rental agreement. If your interested in owning a ferrari but dont have ferrai money renting is agreat alternative. However renting a high ticket item can also be expensive.

Above all money isnt everthing. And owning alot of designer stuff doesnt validate who you are. Dont go into debt chasing a lifestyle you want for others to envy.

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