Mascara essentials for sultry eyes


Mascara has come a long way since the spider leg lash trend. Mascara is a staple in every makeup collection. My first makeup purchase was mascara and from there my cosmetics range has grown. It’s difficult finding the right product that won’t clump up and cake your lashes. Its hard finding the time to get professional lashes installed, and strip lashes can be a bit much for the day to day. As a result of owning a mascara for every occasion, I know some of the best to buy. Therefore whether you want to have bold lashes for instance or demure there’s a right one for you. I’ve listed my favourites below. Discounts can be found here

Favourite mascaras

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

Lift, separate and enhance your lashes with this luxurious mascara. The Intesnse black colour is perfect for smoky sultry eye looks. The styling wax in the ingredients keep lashes lifted and held in place. ‘Falsies push up’ will give gravity defying lift. This product gives a voluminous lashes that add to any elegant look.


Maybelline Big Eyes Rebel Black Mascara

For big doll eyes look no further. This product definitely lives upto its name ‘big eyes’. This is perfect for achieving a big dowy eyed look. It gives the illusion of wearing false lashes. Its perfect for those that would prefer to wear their natural lashes. The formula of ‘big eyes’ helps to add volume and density providing a glamorous look.


Benefit they’re real

This product is a lot more expensive than the previous two. It is probably on every ultimate mascaras list. Its probably triple the price but has great reviews. Benefit have been known for their eye makeup for quite some time. They were definitely one of the first to focus on eyebrow maintenance. This product is definitely worth splashing the cashbatbleast once.


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