Single life hacks

It seems everywhere you turn there’s relationship goals everywhere. What about single goals? There also plenty of tips to snag a significant other, but there aren’t many tips on living single. Being single isn’t the depressing Bridget Jones fest it once was. So I have compiled a list of dos and a couple donts on how to live your best single life.

Do Order take out


Order in your favourite food. Their are numerous places and services to choose from. Uber eats offers a discount code for new members. Sit back in the comfort of your own home and wine and dine yourself, with your favourite dish. Whether its pad thai or pizza, the choice is yours.

Thirst trap Do or Dont

Get yourself looking feeling, smelling like a million bucks, then take the perfect selfie. Update your profile pick on your socials and wait for the DMs. Great but superficial way of boosting self esteem temporarily. This may also result in having a significant other for the following valentine’s day.

Do Private party

Put on 7 rings by Arianna and get the party for one started. No scrubs is also good for yelling from the top of your lungs. If your still not feeling empowered turn to beyonce, but be warned not to go full Beyonce.

Do Book a holiday

Time away can do the mind and body good. It’s nice to take time out to reflect and heal from past mistakes. It will take your mind of V day and also improve your personal wellbeing. I know a holiday to ‘find’ yourself can sound cliché, but its proven to work.

Dont Criticise couples

Step one go to your bar of choice. Step two proceed to purchase their finest cheapest processeco. Three drink said processeco, while jeering at couples. You’ll either look like a jealous loser or the funny / embarrassing single girl at the bar.

Do Spa day

Book yourself into a spa and treat yourself. A nice relaxing massage and sauna session can leave you feeling rejuvenated. Because as the saying goes when you look good you feel good. A statement i 100% stand by.

Do Night out

Your not the only singleton on the planet. Go out with your mates and have fun. Immerse yourself with the freedom you have and enjoy your self. Your as young as you’ll ever be !

Do Learn

You can take a DJ class and become next big thing ibiza has seen this year. You can start that book you’ve always wanted to write. Learn mandarin or join a class. There is no end to learning

Do Become a goal getter

Throw yourself Into your work or studies. Improve on your efficiency and become more productive. Establish yourself within your role and reap the benefits. It’s a good way of giving yourself purpose while improving an aspect of your life for the better.

Date Do or Dont

Dating is a good way of getting to know someone before fully committing, which is good for meeting new people. On the other hand some date multiple people at a time making dating a little confusing. Handle dating with caution and honesty and heartbreak may be avoided.