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Teeth whitening kits have improved drastically over the recent years. Just tune into the latest reality show to see perfect veneer smiles. But not everyone can afford a full set of perfect veneers, and professional teeth whitening can be just as expensive. So what do you do to get pearly whites without the hefty price tag? You invest In cost effective at home teeth whitening kits

What are teeth whitening kits?

Whitening kits contain all requirements needed to remove stains and whiten teeth at home. Whitening gel free from peroxide, which is recommend for sensitive teeth. Some include LED lights that help accelerate the whitening gel.

White teeth

Teeth whitening kit

1. Rapid White 1 Week Tooth whitening system

Rapid white teeth whitening kit is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to four shades in one week. It includes a mouth tray which gives even results. Because the mouth tray can be customised, it provides optimum comfort. The Kit also contains enough formula for a full weeks use. suitable to use on sensitive skin because it’s peroxide free.

2. Nano Intensive Whitening Kit 10ml Gel+ 28 Strips

Nano kit includes whitening strips, and two mouth trays that can be moulded to the shape of your teeth. This involves a 3 step system, firstly apply the strips to the top and bottom of your teeth. Secondly apply the trays filled with whitener gel. Finally rinse and enjoy the sparkling results.

3. BlanX White Shock Power White Treatment 50ml

Blanx treatment contains a more concentrated formula known as ActiluX, which uses light to whiten teeth and stays active throughout the day. This teeth whitening kit is non-abrasive, peroxide and paraben free. In conclusion its recommend for those with surface staining i.e. tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine.

4. Janina Ultrawhite Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays 10s

Janina teeth Whitening kit includes 5 days worth of Pre-Filled Trays. This kit allows easy whitening  at home without harsh ingredients or abrasives. The one-size-fits-all, ready-to-use trays are designed to whiten both front and back of teeth and are soft and flexible, for comfort during use. Great for those who desire to whiten teeth quickly and effectively at home without harsh ingredients.

5. Mr Bright Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit with LED

Mr bright is a fast-acting option for those with hectic schedules. This generous kit is designed to remove the most stubborn stains, such as tobacco, coffee and red wine. It is cost effective and won’t break the bank. The kit includes plastic mouth trays and syringes to apply a non-peroxide formula. A new LED light is also included to speed up the process .

6. iWhite Instant Dark Stains Teeth Whitening Kit

iwhite helps remove stubborn stains from discoloured teeth and after a few uses improves whiteness.The kit also Gently removes stains without damaging the enamel on your teeth.

7. Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System

Pro Light is a 3 Step teeth whitening system featuring the same light-activated whitening technology found in dental offices. Pro light kit comes with a colour chart to keep record of effectiveness. Its praised as being developed by dentists. It gives great results after 10 days of use!

8. Teeth Whitening Kit, Smile Rehab by HARVEY&COCO

Smile rehab gives results in just 20 minutes, due to the coco laser being 10x stronger than battery powered kits. Its perfect for those that don’t have time to wait. Worth a try as it is competitively priced.

9. Billion Dollar Smile LED Mini Light Kit

Use for billon dollar smile 10 minutes a day to reduce discoloration, without damaging the enamel on your teeth. Best used with a teeth whitener tooth paste for best results.

10. Superdrug Fourteen Day Whitening Kit

Firstly this kit is great value for money. Secondly the Superdrug whitening kit contains 14 days worth of treatment. Lastly Unlike other kits, the mouth tray fits over both sets of teeth at once. It’s a brilliant introduction to teeth whitening kits. Will be great for a newbie!

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