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Top 10 Face masks

Face masks are big news on the beauty scene. And there’s now loads of different types to choose from. Gel face masks, peel off and wash off face masks. This article contains a list of our favourite sheet masks at the moment.

What are sheet masks?

These masks are faced shaped sheets drenched in various serums for different skin texture needs. They are fast convenient and easy to use. It’s also less mess than wash off masks. The liquid based faced formulas make sheet masks ideal for dry skin. The sheets seal in ingredients in the mask, preventing them from evaporating. In conclusion sheet masks help product better penetrate the skin.

Sheet mask

1.STARSKIN – Nourishing and brightening face 2-step face mask sheet

Firstly start with pure antioxidant camellia japonica seed oil mask. Consequently this preps the skin for maximum ingredient absorption. Secondly Follow with the unique benitsubaki sheet mask. Pre-infused with more Camellia seed oil. And soaked nutritive serum to deliver double the skin nourishing effects. Lastly In 15 minutes skin is softer, smoother and plumper. The results are a youthful luminous glow.

2.Origins – ‘Flower Fusion™ Hydrating Lavender’ face masks

Origins new Flower Sheet Masks provide an instant boost of rose-like radiance and dewy moisture. Because this face mask is formulated with pure flower extracts, it smells lovely. The sheet mask provides a unique blend of essential oils and lavender. This face mask will your skin feeling softer. Due to the lavender scent this mask has a very relaxing effect. Great to use before bed. However you can get other scents if lavender isn’t your thing!


3.Skin Republic Stop the Clock face Masks

This mask harnesses the power of colagen renowned for its skin plumping properties. The face shaped mask is made of a paper sheet, locking in moisture. And also maximising absorption of the powerful colagen. Furthermore the mask Reduces wrinkles, smoothes, brightens, lifts and hydrates. A nice treat for your face before a night out because it’s simply luxurious.

4.Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Face Sheet masks

Want to treat dull, dehydrated skin? Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Tissue Mask works to instantly rehydrate skin. Formulated with Pomegranate Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Plant Serum. Mixture bomb mask works to instantly rehydrate skin and revive radiance. With regular use reduce the appearance of fine lines. Designed to refresh and revitalise dehydrated skin.


5.Water Boost Sheet Masks

The new-generation tissue mask is infused with a nourishing serum that’s kind enough for even the most sensitive skin types. This face mask Provides a highly concentrated amount of moisture for dry thirsty skin. The hydrating ingredients pamper and comfort the skin while the mask is in place, providing a moisture boost. The result? Skin appears smoother, softer and more radiant – all in just 15 mins. And because it’s simple you know it will be kind to skin.

6.Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask Single Use

This specially formulated sheet mask is enriched with Charcoal to help cleanse and purify the skin. A skin care pick me up that will leave your skin feeling cleansed, purified and revitalised in just 15 minutes. Because of the detoxifying charcoal infused within, the results are help to lift away any dirt and oils from the skin to provide a clear base. Results are super soft skin with clear pores and reduced blackheads

7.Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisture face Masks sheet

So light and soft that it contours the face like a second skin. Enriched with a blend of botanical extracts and moisturising ingredients. Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask infuses active nutrients into the skin to condition dehydrated skin. To conclude I recommend for those with sensitive skin.

Sheet mask

8.Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

This face mask contains Vitamin B3 resulting in brightening skin tone and reviving the skin’s glow. The Plant Stem Cell Matrix lifts the skin, helping to reduce fine lines. Crocus Bulb Extract ingredient re-densifies the skin. It supports reconstruction and in conclusion encourages collagen/elastin production. The added Peptides ingredients work together to further reduce wrinkles. In conclusion I recommend this face mask for those wanting the full works!

9.Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Power Foil face Masks

Perfect if you have a busy day ahead of you. Instantly skin looks fresher and renewed. The coils backed sheet creates a barrier. Resulting in the serum within the mask to penetrate the skin quicker. Because of Tthe he foil sheet moisture remains locked in. The results are radiant refreshed skin. Perfect for use once a week for a vibrant glowing look.

10.STARSKIN – ‘The Gold Mask

Packed with nourishing Evening Primrose extract (56%) the results leave skin super soft. The Pure colloidal gold diminishes the look of fine lines, and sun spots. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract helps boost collagen production. And Kudzu root extract brightens skin for an even-looking complexion. Giving skin a vibrant look. In other words this mask is packed with wrinkle fighting ingredients. And because of the collagen skin will look plumper and more youthful!