Top 10 Love Island moments

1. Yewande shows affection series 5 – Top 10 Love Island moments

After the arrival of Arabella, Yewandes partner Danny seemed to have his head turned. Danny urged yewande to basically show more affection or lose him. Yewande Rose to the challenge and and during an intimate conversation between Danny and Arabella, yewande plonked herself down on Danny’s lap. This scene made for hilarious cringe worthy T.V.

2. Josh wasn’t loyal to Georgia series 4

As we all know Georgia was loyal to Josh. VERY LOYAL. So no one was a surprised as Georgia to see josh return from casa amour with a new love. Josh remaind loyal to kaz for the rest of the series. Meanwhile Georgia recouped with Sam.

3. Tom ruins night with Maura series 5

Tom took lads banter too far when during a conversation with the villa fellas he was heard saying ‘let’s see if she’s all mouth’. This was in reference to Mauras previous comments regarding intimacy.

Maura heard his comment and confronted him. In one of the most explosive scenes in the series, Maura made it clear she’s not one to be messed with.

4. Michael gets pied series 5

After ditching Amber for Joanna, Joanna was soon after dumped from the island. Before making her exit Joanna gave Michael a stark warning ‘if you stay your a snake’. As we know Michael stayed, and to further cement his snakey ways he went onto try a rekindle his relationship with Amber.

Top 10 Love Island moments

5. There’s a Celebrity in the villa series 3 – Top 10 Love Island moments

The numerous moments Marcel didn’t want to Mention he was in blazing squad, by mentioning he was in blazing squad. Many islanders had never heard of the group, including many viewers. It made for hilarious 2nd hand embarrassment.

Top 10 Love Island moments

6. Amy vs Curtis show down series 5

Amy and Curtis were the power couple of the villa, until Casa Amour. Curtis used Amy’s time in casa amour to think of their relationship. He also spent that time showering bombshell newcomer Jordan with compliments. Upon returning to the villa Amy confronted Curtis about.

Top 10 Love Island moments


7. The proposal Jon and Hannah series 1

The less talked about love island series 1 ended with a proposal. They have since split like many other past island couples.

8. Rykards show of affection series 2

Soon after cheating on Rachel with Olivia, the public voted Rachel off the island. As a grand gesture of devotion Rykard left with her. I suppose that’s one way to say sorry.

9. Megan gets her man series 4

Once Megan set her sights on Wes viewers knew lovely Laura didn’t stand a chance.

10. Where’s Sheriff? series 5 – Top 10 Love Island moments

Sherif was removed from the villa a quarter the way through filming. The remaining islanders seemed to carry on as usual with little reference to his departure. Furthermore Sherif and producers refused to give a clear reason for his exit.

Top 10 Love Island moments