Travel essentials

Holidays are a perfect way to un wind and let go of the stresses of life. But organising a holiday can be stressful in itself. The best way to tackle holiday organisation is to be prepared!

Travel Luggage

So you’ve booked your bargain flights and you have your spending money. But have you considered the cost of baggage handling? Some budget air lines fail to high light the fact they have an additional baggage fee for hand luggage, as well as checked in bags. If un prepared for the situation, you could end up over budget before take off. Be sure to read the small print and read the baggage policy before booking your flight.

Travel Products


As we all know, there is a limit to the amount of liquids we can take on flight. A simple solution would be to decant the products you already have into travel sized containers. This method saves money, and also saves space in luggage. Alternatively there are numerous brands that offer travel sized alternatives to their products. You can usually find travel minis in the travel aisle.


Keep an eye on conversion rates, the best deals. A great conversion rate might give you more money to spend whilst on holiday. Some debit cards can be used abroad providing the bank is aware prior to you travelling. Using your debit cards is a quick and convenient way to withdraw local currency from cash machines.
On the downside you’ll be charged to withdraw money which usually adds around 2% on the amount you take out. Furthermore some cards will also add a additional fee of around £1.50 on top, as well as charging currency exchange costs.

Prepaid cards are simple to use, simply load the card up with money before you go and you’ll be able to spend while on holiday. If there is any cash left on the card after your holiday, most cards can also be used in the UK. On the downside Some cards carry additional charges like a monthly fee, or an extra charge if you don’t use the card within a certain period.

Travel insurance

No one wants to think of the worse happening when away. But as the saying goes ‘its better to be safe that sorry’, Taking out travel insurance can cover you against things that could go wrong when you’re abroad. It can help you out if you lose your possessions, if your flights and accommodation are delayed or cancelled. Furthermore it can protect you if you become ill or injured while on holiday or a business trip.