Veneers seem to be the easy quick fix to perfect teeth. Since 2003 veneers have become common place. It was likely to see perfect teeth as result of veneers on Hollywood actors. I remember thinking wow when I’m older I’ll just buy perfect teeth, job done. But after watching a doomed Peter Andre and Katie Price reality show I learnt all that glitters is not gold. Katie Prices veneer /crown fell out while she ate. Since that moment in T.V history I’ve seen many more instances of when veneers go bad.


So what are Veneers?

They are fake teeth placed over real teeth to protect or give an aesthetically pleasing look. The two types of materials used are porcelain (dental) or composite. Traditional veneers involves filing down natural teeth and adhere the veneer onto what’s left of the natural teeth. The less invasive option of luminareers involve less prep work. Although it seems  like a quick fix veneers need to be replaced every 10-15 years. A cheaper less intrusive option could be invasilign or invisible braces. There are plenty of affordable alternatives available.

The rise of cosmetic dentistry

As I mentioned previously it all started with actors. It makes sense that they would want sparkling pearly whites. I know I don’t want to stare at manky teeth on the silver screen. Then I slowly started to notice reality T.V contestants with perfectly straight bright veneers. For example the cast of T.V show geordie shore may start off with nice natural smiles but after a few seasons they have a complete dental makeover.

Now influencers are being flown out to Turkey for cosmetic dental surgery. What was once seen as something for only the rich and super famous, is now accessible to everyone. Most celebrities and influencers are gifted dental procedures in return for promo.