Winter love island is on its way. And with it a whole host of new contestants. It’s set to Premier early January for the holiday slump. Nothing like watching a bunch of models sunning themselves for gym motivation.

Summer 2019s show was plagued with controversy. Many viewers complained producers seemed to be controlling too much of the shows narrative. Ex islanders have confirmed producers have control of how conversations played out.

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A insider told the sun the following statement. “There’s about 20 hours a day of filming, so there’s an awful lot you don’t see. Nothing’s scripted per se, however there is a lot of producer interventions and setting up for the cameras and reshoots. It’s constructed reality at its core.”

Winter love island – what we know so far

Caroline Flack will return for hosting duties as well as Ian Sterling for voice overs. However the setting will be all new. The winter villa is set in sunny South Africa. The last seasons ratings must have been exceptional, to afford the new location.

If your hoping for a more diverse group of cast mates your bang out of luck. A member of the public reportedly told the sun.

‘I was asked if I was single and they showed me credentials from ITV2’ .

“I was a bit nervous about giving my name so they then showed me an email where they’d been asked to find ‘types’. On there, it listed twins, goth girls and Essex lads.”

As if we’re lacking Essex lads and ladies on our screens. We’re more likely to see social media influencers on winter love island than our next door neighbour. There are already reports suggesting a couple instagram models have been approached.

Speaking to Good morning Britain Ian Sterling announced, “Winter Love Island is gonna come back sooner than you thought and it’s gonna be enjoyable.”

Well let’s hope so

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